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Hamburg, Jan. 2019

“After a long rehearsing day with the Hamburger Symphoniker, I layed down to rest while experiencing my first month pregnancy pains. At that time I didn’t know I was carrying twins. The next day the concerts were going to start where I was singing almost all the Carmen role concertant and other arias. And on the other day there was another same programme.
I was feeling pregnant, happy, tired, energised and it was like my body and mind were taking new dimensions. What an incredible mixture, I thought. One that perhaps only WOMEN experience?
CREATIVE, did I mention? Well, on that evening, a glance of a star lightened my eyes.
It was this evening that I thought of so many creative, strong, responsible, extraordinary women. Women with big dreams and courage to make them real. It was on that night that this project was born.”




‘’Woman Voice in Music’’ is a project I have been working on for more than 2 years. As soon as the idea was clear I invited two extraordinary musicologists, Rreze Kryeziu and Lucia Molinari to work together.
The project’s aim is to bring a story of an extraordinary WOMAN as a COMPOSER
Middle East, Eastern, Western and Balkan female composers come together in this project to tell us their unheard great stories through their own music.
Female composers even today lack recognition and appreciation, and this state of affairs stems from centuries of prejudice. Also, the lack of available and sometimes even accessible documents regarding women in music, made me very curious and is one of the main reasons that I have decided to celebrate their life and work by registering a CD, as a guide to their lives and compositional oeuvre. Through this production, we could get acquainted with their emergence and artistic evolution, always supported in the analysis of scientific research realized years ago, and also nowadays. The material found here will ensure their voice is heard for many years to come.
The mission of this registration is to serve as a legacy and motivation, inspiration for the future generations, particularly musicians.
Until now the project ‘’Woman Voice in Music’’ has found support from the Federal Ministry for European, Integration and International Affairs in Austria, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport in Kosovo, Ministry of Diaspora in Kosovo, Municipality of Prishtina and Municipality of Gjakova.
The first phase of the project in done and the second, the last one has just started.


The project’s MOTTO:

‘’Lands of the earth, women, men – let’s speak the same language.
We are all human beings, we belong together – we respect our differences, but let’s emphasize what we have in common!”